Happy Hour Reviews

Club 20710 So a friend and I decided to hit the beach area for some beer and grub on a recent Saturday. After hitting up a few spots I quickly realized how expensive the bars are when it isn't Happy Hour. Try ordering two shots and two drafts of premium beer and getting a bill for less than $20! In almost every bar in Pacific Beach, this is nearly impossible.  

Fortunately, the 710 Beach Club understands that the other local bars are way to expensive and the gas prices are not making things any easier. For only $7.10 you can order any beer and any shot! That's right, any beer and any shot for only $7.10! We ordered two Stone IPA's and two shots of Jagermeister for only $14.20. Considering I paid $23.00 for the exact same thing at our previous stop, that's a damn good deal!

On another note, if you like checking out live music you will find that 710 has the best music venue in Pacific Beach. With plenty of styles of music scheduled to play, you are sure to find something that pleases your ears.

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