All, I write this message with great sorrow. The constantly changing restrictions have forced restaurants in the Kingdom to make quick decisions on all business matters, making it impossible to stay up to date on their Happy Hour specials, business hours, etc… Another issue, restaurants that are remaining open and defying the rules put in place to put an end to the pandemic that is hurting us all. We cannot, and will not, promote establishments that have opted to remain open. Places that are doing so will be banished from the kingdom for life. With that being said, the drawbridge to the castle has been raised for the time being while we "restructure" our website to ensure we're promoting restaurants that are committed to keeping you safe.

Once a date for restaurants to be able to serve on-site is permanent, the drawbridge will be lowered and my army will head out to search for the most amazing Happy Hour specials the land offers! For now, stay safe my loyal Knights. I'm looking forward to the day when we can all raise a glass together in celebration of life, without risking anyone's well being.


The King & Queen