Royal Perks

Join the Kingdom of Happy Hour and redeem your first Royal Perk today! Royal Perks are complimentary small plates provided to our Knights by participating locations. Take a look below at the current Royal Perks below. We're adding more weekly for you to choose from!

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Elote a la Linea El Chingón


Bad Ass Mexican street corn!

Approved by: Rodney Daylamy

Sausage Mac n Cheese Half Door Brewing Co.

East Village

Gruyere, Asiago & Irish Cheddar Cheese.

Approved by: Stacy Drayne

Truffle Tater Tots Taste & Thirst


Everyone loves Tots! Especially Truffle Tots!

Approved by: Rodney Daylamy

Cheesy Bacon Fries My Yard Live Beer Co.

San Marcos

Bacon, chives and gouda cheese sauce.

Approved by: Jamie Minotti

Appetizer Mezé Greek Fusion

East Village

Select any appetizer that is served cold!

Approved by: Patrick Davoudi

How It Works

How do I use a Royal Perk?

To use a Royal Perk, you'll need to be logged into your account on your phone. Click on a perk when you're at the bar and you'll see a "redeem perk" screen. Show that "redeem perk" screen to your bartender or waitress and have him/her click the "Redeem" button.

How often can I use a Royal Perk?

Royal Perks can be used once a month. Once you've redeemed a perk, that deal will be unavailable until the next month of your Knights of the Round Table membership.

You can use one perk per day, and you can only use one perk per bar per month.